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Jamie Cunningham - "Darkness"

Regular electro-pop recording artist Jamie Cunningham has returned to the old familiar ballad genre, with his heartbreaking new single metaphorically titled "Darkness". The authentic self-penned lyrics, universally representative of recent dark times in his life, sung with a unique but recognizable singer-songwriter style, are sure to resonate to some extent with everyone.

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The Album Out Now!

Alcopop - Jamie Cunningham (2014)

Pop artist Jamie Cunningham returns with his glittering sophomore album, unconventionally titled "Alcopop"! The self-produced 22 year old musician hits back with quirky new songs like "Drunk Lust", "Proud", "Bad Boy" and of course the playful title track "Alcopop" - each song sparkling with effervescent party vibes, it's the perfect album to dance along to at any celebration, and is sure to shine with fans who enjoy great dance-pop tinsel!

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